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If anyone is interested in producing their own energy from the sun, the major clean and inexhaustible source of energy in the planet, they have two important allies: the Solar Simulator and the Instruction Booklet ‘How can I have solar electricity in my house?’ The were developed by  (Institute for the Development of Alternative Energy for Latin America).

At América do Sol website, the Solar Simulator is found to be a digital tool that allows the calculation of a photovoltaic system power (solar electricity generator) to meet the annual needs of a home, an office, or an industry. This system allows you to learn how much energy the property would save, as well as how much space you would need on the roof or land to install the solar modules.

When entering the Simulator page, the user needs to have at hand an electric bill to fill up their consumption data in kWh and costs in BRL.
The simulation is free and it takes only a few minutes to be completed. The tool is based on the new norm of ANEEL (Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency), which encourages the connection to the distribution network of mini and micro generators from renewable sources – Resolution 482/2012.

According to the CEO of Ideal, Mauro Passos, these tools represent one step further towards consolidating the generation and consumption of renewable energy. The Solar Simulator design was developed in partnership with the German Cooperation for Sustainable Development, through GTZ and KfW. The Instruction Booklet is also supported by ANEEL, ABENS (the Brazilian Association of Solar Energy), ISES (International Solar Energy Society), UNESCO Regional Office for Science and Technology for Latin America, and the Caribbean, and by the Photovoltaic Group from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC).

Instruction Booklet

‘How can I have solar electricity in my house?’ – This is the topic of the Instruction Booklet presented on the event. Created for those interested in installing small generators to produce energy from the sun, this booklet is made available both in a simplified printed version and on a more complete on-line version at América do Sol website.


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