With the purpose of promoting renewable energy and policies for energy integration, Ideal Institute has developed four projects. They all include a number of initiatives with an important role to reach a diversified matrix of energy.

The Academic Essays Award on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency was launched in 2008 to encourage researchers to develop solutions that harness the energy potential of each country in an intelligent and sustainable way. The annual award initially covered only the state of Santa Catarina. After five years, it expanded over the borders of Latin America, which points out to the common pursuit among countries for sustainable policies. Entries for the award are free of charge. Winners receive cash prizes and have their works compiled in a book to be distributed to libraries.

Every year, Ideal brings together experts from Brazil and abroad for debate sessions on alternative sources. Spanning three editions, the event have included speakers from Germany, Argentina, Austria, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Brazil. The Cleaner Energy Seminar typically takes place between April and May and has free admission.


The project encompasses Ideal Institute photovoltaics energy promotion activities. The products of the project include:

  • booklets and other educational products, free of charge, explaining the concept of distributed generation;
  • the Solar Simulator, a digital tool that allows the calculation of the output of a photovoltaic system;
  • the Solar Fund, which gives financial support to residential and micro-business owners for the installation of photovoltaic generators;
  • the Solar Label, for certifying institutions using solar electricity;
  • solar airports and stadiums.

The Solar Label was launched in 2012 in order to award companies that use photovoltaic power generation and to encourage the implementation of new solar projects in Brazil. The certification is awarded to companies, public and private institutions, and owners of buildings that consume below an annual minimum threshold of solar electricity.

The 50 telhados project (50 Roofs) aims to install on buildings 50 photovoltaic microgenerators conected to the eletric grid. It is an incentive for house owners and business men to invest in solar electricity generation.